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There are mainly three types of DAC/AOC: Passive copper cable, active copper cable and active optical cable. AOC is composed of integrated optoelectronic devices, which is used for high-speed and high-reliability transmission equipment between data centers and other equipment use the advantages of optical cable for data transmission. In the data center, the DAC cable is most commonly used, and it has become the best solution to achieve short-distance transmission. DAC‘s applications are generally on optical switches, such as LY2 switches.

DAC Uses Overview

DAC (Direct Attach Cable) is a non-replaceable port, and the module head and copper cable cannot be separated. In data centers, copper cables are commonly used to connect servers to storage area networks.

Direct copper cables are most commonly used, and passive copper cables are especially used. Passive copper cable is the best solution for short-distance transmission because of its cheap price and fast transmission speed.

GloProv’s product line covers high-speed copper cable (DAC) components and high-speed active optical cables (AOC) and active optical fiber, which can achieve stable performance and efficient connection.

Advantages Of Direct Attach Cable (DAC) Material

1. High Performance: Suitable for short-distance cabling in data centers, with a wide range of applications and strong switching capacity of integrated solutions. 

2. Energy Saving And Environmental Protection: The internal material of DAC is copper core, and the natural heat dissipation effect of copper cable is good, energy-saving and environmental protection. 

3. Low Power Consumption: Low power consumption of DAC. Because the passive cable does not need a power supply, the power consumption of the active cable is generally about 440mW. 

4. Low Cost: The price of copper cable is much lower than that of optical fiber, and the use of a high-speed cable can greatly reduce the cabling cost of the entire data center. 

The advantages of direct attach cable (DAC) have become the first choice for users in short-distance application scenarios, and are widely used in data centers interconnection scenarios such as SATA storage devices, RADI system scenarios, core routers, 10G or 40G Ethernet, etc.

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