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Linear Heat Detection (LHD)

Fiber optic linear heat detection (FO-LHD) is a type of fire detection system that uses fiber optic cables as a sensor to detect changes in temperature along their entire length. FO-LHD works on the principle of Raman scattering, the same principle as Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS).

In an FO-LHD system, a laser sends a pulse of light into a fiber optic cable. The light pulse interacts with the molecular vibrations of the material in the cable, causing a small shift in the wavelength of the light. By measuring the wavelength shift of the light, the system can determine the temperature of the material at each point along the cable.

FO-LHD systems offer several advantages over traditional fire detection systems, including the ability to detect fires in their early stages, provide accurate location of the fire, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. The technology is also suitable for harsh environments, such as high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

FO-LHD systems are used in various industries, including oil and gas, transportation, and industrial facilities. In the oil and gas industry, FO-LHD systems are used to detect fires in pipelines, tanks, and other equipment. In transportation, FO-LHD systems are used to detect fires in tunnels and underground transportation systems. In industrial facilities, FO-LHD systems are used to detect fires in warehouses, storage facilities, and production areas.

Overall, fiber optic linear heat detection is a powerful and reliable technology that provides accurate and early detection of fires, making it a valuable tool for industries where fire prevention and safety are critical.

There are a wide variety of industrial applications for Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection System which is ideal in large, hazardous and hard to access areas.


  • Roads and tunnels
  • Airports
  • Industrial plants
  • Power generation plants
  • Petrochemical plants 
  • Underground infrastructures
  • Mining belts and shafts protection

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