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Fiber Splicing Tools

What is Fusion Splicing?

Fusion Splicing means securely connecting two optical fiber cores by heating their core end faces and pushing them together to fuse them as a spliced single fiber that can transfer light signals with near zero loss at the splicing point.

Where is Fusion Splicing Used?

In field applications that require repairing broken fiber links, fusion splicing is the most efficient method of joining two fibers together. It is usually used various in FTTX applications, buried splice closures, data center panels and building distribution boxes.

What is a Fiber Cleaver?

A fiber cleaver is a cutting tool designed specially to cut fibers in a precise manner in order to cut one or multiple fibers in a 90° angle. Using a fiber cleaver is essential for fusion splicing in order to have clean fiber end faces and get perfectly fused fiber joint.

Main Steps of How to Do Fusion Splicing of Optical Fibers

1. Insert One Side of Fiber in the Splice Protective Sleeve.

2. Strip the Fibers’ Buffer Coatings Accurately.

3. Clean the Fibers from Remaining Coating Particles.

4. Cleave the Ends of Fibers at Precisely 90° Angle.

5. Brace the Fibers in the Fusion Splicing Device.

6. Start the Fusion Splicing Process.

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