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Test & Measurement

The need for testing and measurement is in almost every industry—ranging from automotive, IT,  telecommunications, aerospace and defense to electronics, industrial and healthcare.

As IT and telecommunication are the key elements for all types of industries with very dynamic and innovative domains, Test and Measurement Solutions play a critical role to design, deploy and deliver high-quality services for voice, video, and data communication. 

Test & Measurement solutions confirm whether the communication is properly carried out in accordance with the predefined rules and standards by making invisible communication signals "visible", which travel back and forth on wired and wireless communication networks.

T&M Solutions contributes to establishing and developing an environment that enables users to stably and comfortably design, develop, deploy and use information and communication services, such as Fiber, FTTx, IoT, Cloud, and 5G.

As Gloprov, we can provide premium brand name products, services and solutions relating to Test & Measurement. 


OTDRs provide highly accurate measurements to easily characterize and validate fiber links. These devices are critical to characterize, troubleshoot and monitor fiber links throughout construction, activation, and turn-up phases.

  • Single-mode OTDR: 1310nm/1550nm
  • Multi-mode OTDR: 850nm/1300nm
  • Quad OTDR: 850nm/1300nm/1310nm/1550nm
  • Live fiber testing at 1625nm or 1650nm
  • For all type of networks access, PON, Metro and long-haul

Powermetre & Laser Source

As optical signals traverse the network, many variables can affect the quality of transmission. This is an important factor for network performance. Low signal strength that fails to meet the transceiver threshold translates to no connectivity and difficulty to scale capacity in future.

The light signal naturally reduces in power as it progresses so, to test the signal, technicians use an optical light source and power meter to inject light into one end and measure the signal at the end point. Low power could indicate there is a fiber defect impeding the signal, such as a macrobend or a bad connector, or a fiber break. Additional testing would be required to identify and locate the fault.

  • Optical Power Meter
  • Optical Laser source- Single mode & multi mode
  • Optical Loss Test Set – Power meter and Laser source

Fiber & Copper Certification Tools

Copper and Fiber Certification Tools provide technicians with all the capabilities they need to certify both copper and fiber optic networks. Copper and fiber cable certifiers can tests many types of networks quickly, completely, and correctly, and it is compatible with all current and future cabling standards for new enterprises.

Network Testing Solutions

Ethernet, with its additional operation, administration, and maintenance capabilities, can now be viewed as a carrier-grade networking technology.  As businesses demand more and more network capacity, the pressure is on service providers to deliver scalable, secure Ethernet services quickly – without errors.

  • 1G/10G Ethernet Test Equipment 
  • 100G Ethernet Test Equipment
  • 400G Ethernet Test Equipment 

Network & Fiber Monitoring

Fiber monitoring refers to the continues assessment of fiber quality through the use of software tools and devices that comprise an integrated fiber monitoring and management system. These elements collectively facilitate the detection of faults, degradation, or security intrusions and alarm the system administrator in real-time when threats to fiber optic network integrity occur.

Monitoring systems can also be utilized to proactively trend and analyze attenuation and other fiber optic performance metrics over time.

RF Testing Tools

RF spectrum analyzers are among the most widely used and powerful wireless communication test and assurance tools, with an ever-growing list of applications and capabilities. The rollout of 5G and expanded WiFi networks have heightened spectrum analysis challenges throughout the network lifecycle, as the airwaves grow more crowded and advanced transmission and modulation techniques are employed. 

As the landscape transforms, the familiar single-function RF spectrum analyzer no longer suffices. Purpose-built RF analysis tools are giving way to versatile, portable test platforms with the capabilities needed to unlock the complexity of 5G and emerging wireless technologies.  

  • 4G/5G RF Spectrum and Signal Analyzer
  • RF Spectrum Clearing
  • RF Interference Hunting 
  • RF Over CPRI

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