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Fiber optic, copper and RF cables are mainly used in the communication infrastructure.

Today, the need for bandwidth in data transmission is increasing due to the increase in data centers, the spread of cloud technologies, automation systems, 5G applications, transition to remote working system, etc. The most ideal solution to meet these requirements is fiber optic cable and connectivity systems.

As Gloprov, we offer a wide range of products with our past experience in fiber optic, data, RF and energy cables in international standards (Euro Class CPR and similar) to be used vertically and horizontally.

FO Cable Specification:

  • Indoor/Outdoor/Non-Metallic Outdoor
  • Armored/Non-Armored
  • Single Tube/Multi Tube
  • Loose/Semi-Tight/Tight Tubes
  • Single Mode/Multi Mode

FO Cable Type:

  • Distribution Cables
  • Micro Cables
  • Breakout Cables
  • Drop Cables
  • ADSS Cables

Data Cables:

  • CAT5e
  • CAT6
  • CAT6A
  • CAT7
  • CAT8

RF Cables: 

  • 1/2' RF Cables
  • 7/8' RF Cables
  • 1/4' RF Cables
  • Leaky Cables

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