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Patching Assemblies

Fiber optic patch cables are used to connect passive fiber components or active optical devices. If only one fiber end is connectorized, the assemblies are called pigtails, if both sides are connectorized, the assemblies are called patch cords. To specify a patch cable, it is necessary to specify the fiber, connectors, buffer types and length.

All types of fibers can be used to build single mode (SM), multi mode (MM) and polarization maintaining (PM) patch cables. They can be assembled as well with many different fiber connectors. 

All of our fiber patch cords and pigtails are available in custom lengths with any combination of industrial standard connectors. We prefer only the highest quality components to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the network.

Global Provider can also provide end-to-end solution for active and passive network systems that are exactly tailored to your requirements.

Multi-Fiber Applications (MPO, MTP, Fanout)

  • Up to 288 fiber cores
  • Singlemode or Multimode
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Universal, Distribution, Micro,
  • Breakout, Drop Cable Applications
  • Different connector types (MPO/MTP, LC/APC or UPC, SC/APC or UPC, FC/APC or UPC, ST/APC or UPC, E2000/LSH with APC or UPC, Uniboot)

Jumper/Patch Cord Applications (Simplex, Duplex, Pigtails)

  • Singlemode or Multimode
  • Simplex, Duplex or Pigtail
  • Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  • Highest quality ceramic ferrules
  • Different connector types (LC/APC or UPC, SC/APC or UPC, FC/APC or UPC, ST/APC or UPC, E2000/LSH with APC or UPC, Uniboot, MTRJ, MU)
    Bend Insensitivity

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